26th Global

Mentoring, Coaching and Supervision Conference

1-3 June 2020

26th Global

Mentoring, Coaching and Supervision Conference

1-3 June 2020


Pamela Caravas

Diversity is what you have, inclusion is what you do, the tool is profiling

Theme: Diversity & Inclusion for Practitioners

Area: Coaching

Style: Mainly Experiential

Session on 1 June 2020 16:15 UTC - View on timetable


‘It is beyond my level of tolerance’. Diversity usually strikes a cord when as coaches we have not developed the skill of tolerance. The work we did following training workshops at the United Nations System Staff College helped us understand how one of the largest organisations in the world sees diversity and employs inclusion as a standard practice. What we felt important to investigate first as coaches was an understanding of the concepts and added one more: that of equal value as regards worthiness.

The second aspect we worked on was that of observing and recognising the different ‘mix’ as is socially called rather often. The diverse members of our society have lived a lifetime of most commonly behaving in two distinct ways: being introverted, hiding their differences or being extremely loud creating more problems than solutions to themselves and the environment within they operate. Our work focused on developing the necessary skills that can help a coach become sensitive to hidden information or concealment. This meant also working as individuals to increase our individual tolerance threshold.

The final part of our work was a practical one. We developed a framework to use Profiling in coaching to ensure that inclusion can be part of our practice and assist our clients. Our framework includes the following four points that are broken down in the competencies we trained our coaches in.

  1. To observe and recognise the existence and quality of diversity
  2. To investigate with clever questioning the effect of diversity in the client’s life
  3. To go three levels deeper to decipher the client’s responses
  4. To make a positive ‘comeback’ following the exploration in the previous phases of the coaching assignment using specific language.

This workshop, thus, focuses on helping coaches make sense of how diversity, inclusion and equal value as regards worthiness can affect positive coaching outcomes, enhance personal levels of tolerance as professionals and, most importantly for our team, as human beings, and provides specific training on skills and competencies we need to develop to follow through successfully when such issues come our way.


Pamela Caravas is mostly an executive coach and trainer while occassionally offering life & wellness coaching to the public. Over the past few years she has worked with Members of the Greek Parliament and NBA level athletes. She is one of the first coaches in Greece and has worked thoroughly to support coaching as a new profession. She is the founder and owner of Coaching Evolution International (2009), which provides executive and wellness coaching services to local and multinational companies and life coaching to the wider public. She is the Founder of the CE Int’l Academy for Coach Certification which offers a highly praised coaching course authored by her. Pamela also delivers coaching workshops on public speaking and presentation skills.

She is known for her gentle but powerful nudge which she offers through her coaching with much emphasis on the observation of emotions through micro-expressions and a challenging approach based on the neuroscience, applied philosophy and values. She has done reasearch on a new skill set for effective questioning based on FBI interrogation techniques, interviewing in journalism, law and maths.