26th Global

Mentoring, Coaching and Supervision Conference

1-3 June 2020

26th Global

Mentoring, Coaching and Supervision Conference

1-3 June 2020


Elena Espinal & Adriana Rodriguez Martinez

The impact of the supervision process

Theme: Diversity & Inclusion General

Area: Supervision

Type: Workshop

Session on 2 June 2020 15:45 UTC - View on timetable


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For years, there has been a clear stand and model for a mentor to assist in the development of a coach’s competences. Also, typically, coach training offers a coach for the student, to hold coaching sessions focusing on topics that might, through coaching, impact in a more powerful look, concocted by the one who presents the issue.  But, what is the power of supervision in this formative stage for coaches?

The importance of supervision is invaluable in coaching, and is becoming the ‘continuous training’ modality in our industry.  After studying the impact of supervision on coach training processes, we invite you to discover the value that this practice gives to coaches comparing and contrasting the results from students that participated in supervision processes.


Elena Espinal is considered a world pioneer of Ontological training. She is founder and former Director of the Instituto de Capacitación Professional, the first Institute to deliver the Career of Coaching in all the Americas, and acknowledged as a breakthrough by the Education Ministry of Argentina.  She is an outstanding lecturer, having spoken at major conference in Asia, Argentina, Central America, Mexico, Venezuela, the United States, and Europe. Her work has been published in national and international magazines. Elena is also the author of the book: Crafting the future

Adriana Rodriguez Martinez has held management positions in Human and Organisational Development, Training,, and Development of Systemic Projects. She was a member of the team that created the University Aeromexico Company, where she remained for 13 years working for all subsidiaries of the CINTRA holding company. In 2012 she was Director of Research and Instruction at ASA. Adriana is Director of Team Power, a leading company that offers High Level Coaching Processes to world-class companies and organisations, accompanying the leaders in intervention processes that seek the transformation of teams, to generate futures not previously contemplated. With more than 30 years of experience providing intervention processes in different companies and forming Professional Coaches in Latin America.