26th Global

Mentoring, Coaching and Supervision Conference

1-3 June 2020

26th Global

Mentoring, Coaching and Supervision Conference

1-3 June 2020


Annette Fillery-Travis & Peggy Marshall

Coaching cultures - lessons on inclusion from the USA

Theme: Diversity & Inclusion for Organisations

Area: Coaching

Style: Mainly Lecture

Type: Workshop

Session on 2 June 2020 15:45 UTC - View on timetable


The concept of coaching cultures has been around for some time and we now have the opportunity to really dig into our experience and consider what really ‘works’. By ‘working’ we mean provides real coaching opportunity and development for all employees and not just those who already have access to expensive development. In this presentation/workshop we will look at one of the biggest coaching cultures developed in the US (NationwideUS) over the last five years. It require the training of hundreds of sales leaders and real time supervision of working practice through oversight and feedback.

Specifically we will work through a dialogue between Dr Peggy Marshall, the designer/initiator of this programme, and a researcher in the coaching field Dr Annette Fillery-Travis. Working together we will also engage with the audiences experience through explorations of what emerged and the surprising opportunities.


Dr Annette Fillery-Travis is a senior coach educator, researcher, and author. She has worked in the development of individuals for nearly 18 years and maintains a real passion for stimulating higher levels of thinking and action in her students. Currently she is Head of the Wales Academy for Professional Practice and Applied Research which provides development to teachers, police forces, social workers, and public servants across Wales and England. She runs an established research group of doctoral students in coaching and trains doctoral supervisors internationally. She has recently won a EU Horizon 2020 project to develop professional learning vehicles for researchers and practitioners in food science across Europe.

Dr Peggy Marshall is a Chartered Master Business Coach who has a passion for developing people and organisations. She has designed and delivered coaching programmes for Fortune 100 companies such as Nationwide US and is currently CEO of Imago Performance providing development for coaches throughout Europe. In this presentation she reviews her experience of in-house coaching programmes and provides insight into how these interventions can provide real value for individuals and their workplaces.