26th Global

Mentoring, Coaching and Supervision Conference

1-3 June 2020

26th Global

Mentoring, Coaching and Supervision Conference

1-3 June 2020


Alison Hodge

The complexity of team coaching - working with a new model

Theme: Related Fields

Area: Team Coaching

Style: Mainly Experiential

Type: Workshop

Session on 2 June 2020 09:30 UTC - View on timetable


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Psychological phenomena, customs and culture, leadership, diverse relationships, contracting, and re-contracting……..  These are just some of the factors that emerge during a team coaching assignment. In this live session and working with a prepared client scenario, you’ll be invited to engage and work with a new model that represents the major factors or elements involved in team coaching. During the process, we will consider the impact that each ‘factor’ makes as it may contribute to the overall client situation. This scenario will give you a lived experience of the many complex factors that as team coach/coaches you may need to consider when managing such an assignment.

We will then step out of this inquiry and you’ll have time to reflect on how you might draw on the model to inform your subsequent assignments. If time allows we will consider what else would enhance the model to represent the complexity and to guide the practitioner in this growing field of practice.


I am an EMCC accredited coach at Master Practitioner level and an EMCC accredited Supervisor, I am also an Executive Coaching Supervisor with APECS. I work globally as a coaching supervisor (both in person and digitally) with individuals and groups of internal and external executive coaches. As a member of the Executive, Director of Research and a Senior Faculty member with CSA (Coaching Supervision Academy), I also supervise supervisors-in-training. I graduated with my DProf in Coaching Supervision at Middlesex University in July 2014.

Throughout my career in this field, I have found that a powerful source of understanding for both the coach and supervisor lies in our relationship and interactions. Through reflection on practice in supervision we gain valuable data and insights that may inform what is happening in the organisational system in which team coaching is taking place. I have extensive experience of working in groups, facilitation and group process. In 2017 David Clutterbuck and I conducted a survey on team coaching supervision that highlighted the challenges and complexities of team coaching. The findings indicated that team coaches rely extensively on supervision to support them in this work. I have published articles in AC journal and at the APECS 2015 Symposium on team coaching and supervision.