26th Global

Mentoring, Coaching and Supervision Conference

1-3 June 2020

26th Global

Mentoring, Coaching and Supervision Conference

1-3 June 2020


Damian Goldvarg & Lily Seto

Resistance to coaching supervision

Theme: Diversity & Inclusion General

Area: Supervision

Style: Mainly Discussion

Type: Workshop

Session on 1 June 2020 14:30 UTC - View on timetable


Coaching Supervision is a fairly new discipline in the Americas (North, South, and Latin Americas). In the Americas, six years ago, there were a handful of Coach Supervisors. Today, there are close to 200, offering supervision in a multitude of languages and from various training schools represented.

This presentation will inform the audience about the evolution of Coaching Supervision in the Americas and share cultural challenges in overcoming misinterpretations of coaching supervision. Presenters will share their observations as leaders of the Americas Coaching Supervision Network, as trainers of coach supervisors, as well as results from a survey from the region (also informed by coaches and supervisors from 15 countries). The facilitators will also offer an opportunity to participants to reflect on strategies they have implemented to overcome resistance to supervision including: learning from vulnerability, mistakes, and weaknesses. The session will also explore unique cultural issues related to supervising in the Americas cross-culturally.


Dr Damian Goldvarg, MCC, ESIA, has thirty years of experience in executive assessment and coaching, leadership development, talent management, facilitation, strategic planning, and team building services. He is a Strategic Facilitator for LEGO Serious Play. Originally from Argentina, he has extensive experience working with people from different cultures and social backgrounds. He has worked with individuals and organisations in over forty countries, including the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia, offering services in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. He is a Master Certified Coach and received his PhD in Organisational Psychology from Alliant University in California (USA). He is an EMCC accredited supervisor and facilitates certifications on Mentor Coaching and Coaching Supervision virtually. His supervision training programme is accredited with EMCC.  He was the 2013-2014 ICF Global President and received the Circle of Distinction Award in 2018 for his contribution to the Coaching Profession.

Lily Seto is a coach, mentor coach and coaching supervisor who works with a global client network.  As an Associate Faculty of Royal Roads University, Lily teaches the Intercultural Competence and Global Coaching course in the Advanced Graduate Certificate Programme in Coaching as well as coaching courses in their Continuing Studies programme.  Lily currently serves on the Independent Review Board at ICF (ethics review board) and is also the Past President of the International Coach Federation, Vancouver Island Chapter. Lily is an EMCC accredited supervisor.  In her spare time, Lily is an avid reader, traveller, and grandmother, not necessarily in that order!